Albert Gasparini
Hours: Wednesday - Friday 8:00am - 1:00pm
Phone: 518-945-2430

Town Code:

Fee Schedule

Certificate of Occupancy: $40.00
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy: $30.00
Certificate of Compliance: $30.00
Operating Permit: $25.00
Septic Permit: $45.00
Demolition Permit: Residential: $75.00 (plus cost for any special permits)
Demolition Permit: Commercial: $100.00 (plus cost for any special permits)
Letters for Certificate Occupancy or Pre-date letters and any Building Violations: $40.00
Building Permits: $0.40 per square foot
Building Permit Renewals: 10% - 25% of permit cost
Fireworks Permit: $100.00
Fire Inspections (all occupancies except for R-1): $50.00
R-1 Occupancy is $50.00 per building for the first 25 rooms and $1.00 for each additional room over 25.
Roof $25.00
Pool $50.00 w/deck $.35 per sq ft.
Sign fee $ 30.00 minimum or $1.25 per sq. ft.

 Building Permit Application

 Bill of Materials (required with building permit application)


*Fill Permit:1&2 Family Residences  $25.00(any amount in excess of 1000 cu. yds per year)

*Commercial Development: $25.00 (in excess of 1000 yds for @ and every additional 1000 cu. yd portion   thereof per year 

 *Short-Term Rental Agreement Application:$100.00

*Building Permit Fee for large scale solar energy systems will be $1000.00 per megawatt or any portion thereof. Fee shall be payable at time of application


 Demo Permit Application: 20210412104955737.pdf :

 Septic Permit

pdf Rental Law 147 (222 KB)

pdf Short-term rental application (32 KB)

document Sign permit (5) (55 KB)

pdf Complaint Form (16 KB)